Fazeek Oil Burner - Clear / Amber


Sleek in design and easy to use, Fazeek’s unique Smoke Grey / Pink Oil Burners are a must have for anyone with an eye for beauty and architectural glory. These silent oil burners create a warm and ambient atmosphere. To use the oil burner, simply fill the circular vessel three quarters with water and add eight - ten drops of your favourite essential oil.

Ignite your soy tealight candle and sit back and enjoy the illuminated, artisan piece while revelling in its gorgeous aromas.

CAUTION: Ensure oil burner water vessel is three quarters full. Never leave candle unattended. Burn on flat heatproof surface. Keep away from flammable objects. Do not move vessel once candle has been lit. Glass may become hot. Use recommended amount of pure essential oils.

Dimensions Oil Burner - 14cm high x 9cm wide